This Is Alpine

Hi! I'm Nate, Founder and Sole Crafter at Alpine Leather Co. 

Don't be a stranger, say hi!

People often times ask me what the story behind Alpine is, it is not extraordinary. The idea was sparked after a road trip to Nashville with friends. Alpine was founded out of a desire to live life more fully. I am passionate about craftsmanship (creativity), community, and adventure. There was an urge to start something that would allow me to wake up every day and do something I loved and was passionate about while finding community and seeking adventure. Leather crafting peaked my interest and fulfilled what I was seeking after. 

Quickly, I realized Alpine was more than myself, it was a community of people (you) coming together to make something great work.

I launched a Kickstarter in November of 2016 and although the project wasn't quite funded, I was blessed to have people in my life to spot me the money to reach my Kickstarter goal. Although I didn't raise my goal of $12,000, I did raise roughly $6,000 to launch Alpine further. 

Following the Kickstarter, Alpine has begun to travel more, allowing us to grow our community and find more adventure. We have started to host pop-up shops at various locations around Atlanta and we are looking to continue.

Recently we have partnered with Merica' Clothing Co. to introduce their "Stay Wild" bracelets. What an awesome collaboration and incredible people to work with (check them out)! We want to continue to collaborate with other companies to bring awesome products, made in the USA, to life. 

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Alpine community, that excites all of us here! We don't bite, usually, so say hello!

 Photo by Merica' Clothing Co.

Photo by Merica' Clothing Co.